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Aquaguard Regal RO+MC Water Purifier

  • The affordable Aquaguard is here!
  • Make your kitchen Regal with the Regal RO+MC water purifier.
  • Its RO technology removes new age contminants like lead & mercury & delivers virus & bacteria free water.
  • The Mineral Charge technology instantly charges purified water with essential micronutrients like Calcium & Magnesium which enhances the taste of water & makes it healthier for consumption.

Eliminates viruses & bacteria
– Owned by over
– 1.62 lakh doctors
– 130+ national & international labs
– Removes new-age contaminants like lead and mercury
– Trust of 1.5 Crore mothers**
– Water quality data of 10,000+ pin codes
– Purifies water from multiple sources
– 21 different technologies for 21 different water conditions
– India’s largest service network