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Powerful Motor

1200 W locked motor wattage & 700 W rated wattage suitable for all kind of grinding and processing work

3 Different Pushers

Suitable for all size of vegetables and fruit cutting

3.5 L Processing Bowl

3.5 L Bigger Size Bowl enables the preparation of food in larger quantities

Speed Option

2 Speed with pulse rotary switch knob

1.75 L blending jar with fruit filter

for filtering soft fruits

Atta Kneading blade

for perfect Atta Kneading

Centifugal Juicing

Ensures puply juice

Citus Juicing

Designed to extract juices with ease and perfection, in the comfort of your home

Emulsifying disc

For Whisking needs

2 year warranty & Home service

Havells Food processor comes with 2 year warranty with in which you may replace the product if it malfunctions and Havells take pride in delivering home service to its customers within 24 hours.